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  2. Mantra

    Trippy Fractal Generator

    Wow, this is a pretty cool web application for sure. I have been looking into some tutorials on how to make fractals in software-based content generators such as After Effects and Cinema 4D. If you know of any definitely let me know!
  3. ManOnTheMoon

    VR video showing Synesthesia

    Noice. Now I've got to get my VR goggles working again.
  4. PsychoMantis

    A wiggly flower

  5. PsychoMantis


  6. PsychoMantis

    Trippy Fractal Generator

    https://sciencevsmagic.net/fractal/#0055,0825,4,4,1,1,2 Great to play around with, most enjoyable on LSD.
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